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Space Pen

  • Dhs. 6.50

Prepare for an interstellar journey of creativity with our Colorful Space Pen, crafted for boys and girls aged 3 and above. These space-themed pens bring the wonders of the cosmos to every writing session, making them the ideal companions for space-themed parties.


  • Space-Inspired Designs: Each pen features vibrant and enchanting space-themed designs, transporting young minds to distant galaxies with every stroke.
  • Different Colors of Ink: Explore the universe of creativity with pens that come in a variety of ink colors, including cosmic blue, planetary purple, and more.
  • Smooth Writing Experience: Designed for a smooth and effortless writing experience, these pens are perfect for both young writers and aspiring space explorers.
  • Compact and Portable: Standing at 14 cm in height, these pens are easy to carry, making them perfect for school, art class, or on-the-go space adventures.Perfect addition for our party bag.


  • Fuels Imagination: The space-inspired designs ignite imaginative play, turning ordinary writing into a cosmic adventure.
  • Encourages Creative Expression: With different colors of ink, these pens offer a versatile canvas for creative expression, allowing young artists to bring their cosmic visions to life.
  • Perfect Party Favor: Beyond the joy of writing, these colorful space pens make for a stellar and memorable party favor for space-themed celebrations.

Note: Price is for 1 and chosen at random if multiple designs available.



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