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Sea Life Bubbles

  • Dhs. 4.00

Immerse your little ones in a sea of joy with Sea Life Bubbles – the ultimate shark shaped topper for boys and girls aged 3 and above. Standing at a mesmerizing 13cm in height, these bubbles bring the wonders of the ocean to every celebration, making them the perfect addition to sea life-themed parties.


  •  Enchanting Sea Life Designs: Each bubble boasts captivating shark-shaped toppers, adding an underwater magic to playtime.
  •  Inclusive Appeal: OceanWonder is crafted for both boys and girls, ensuring every child can enjoy the excitement of oceanic adventures.
  •  Versatile for Sea Life Parties: Perfectly aligns with sea life-themed celebrations, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere. Perfect addition to our party bags.


  •  Active Outdoor Play: Encourages active outdoor play, promoting exercise and social interaction as kids engage in sea life adventures.
  •  Imaginative Ocean Exploration: Inspires creative play, allowing children to immerse themselves in underwater stories and imaginative oceanic scenarios.
  •  Unique Party Favor: Sea Life Bubbles makes for a unique and memorable party favor, ensuring every child leaves the celebration with a burst of sea life magic.

Note: Price is for 1 and chosen at random if multiple designs available.



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