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Princess Necklace

  • Dhs. 8.00

Let your little princess sparkle and shine with our Colorful Princess Necklace, specially designed for girls aged 3 and above. This enchanting accessory not only adds a touch of royal charm to any outfit but also provides a delightful and safe way for young royalty to express their style.


  •  Princess Pendant: Adorned with a captivating princess pendant, this necklace adds a magical touch to your little one's attire, sparking imagination and creativity.
  •  Elastic and Colorful Design: The necklace features a vibrant and elastic design, providing a comfortable fit for children of various ages and adding a burst of color to their ensemble.
  •  Ideal for Princess Parties: Perfect for princess-themed parties, this necklace allows your little one to express their inner royalty and become the belle of the ball.
  •  Safe for Young Royalty: Crafted with safety in mind, the necklace is made from child-friendly materials, ensuring a secure and enjoyable accessory for your little princess.
  •  Perfect Gift: Surprise your little one or delight a birthday princess with this charming and colorful necklace, making it a thoughtful and enchanting gift.


  •  Expression of Style: The elastic and colorful design allows young royalty to express their unique style and personality in a fun and vibrant way.
  •  Spark Imagination: The princess pendant ignites imagination and encourages creative play, turning everyday moments into magical adventures.
  •  Enhances Princess-Themed Celebrations: Whether worn as a party favor or during the celebration, this necklace adds an extra layer of enchantment to princess-themed parties.
  •  Comfortable and Safe: The elastic design ensures a comfortable fit, while child-friendly materials prioritize safety, making it suitable for continuous wear.
  •  Joyful and Memorable Gift: Surprise your little princess with a gift that brings joy and creates cherished memories, perfect for birthdays or special occasions.

        Note: Price is for 1 and chosen random if multiple designs available.



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