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Wooden Beads Necklace Making Kit

  • Dhs. 13.00

Transform any gathering into a regal affair with our Wooden Beads Necklace Making Kit, a delightful addition to princess-themed parties or a creative pastime for young girls. Designed for ages 3 and above, this kit brings the joy of jewelry crafting to life, offering a charming and interactive experience.


  •  Wooden Bead Variety: The kit includes an assortment of wooden beads in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing princesses to create truly unique and personalized necklaces.
  •  Princess Theme Palette: Immerse in a world of enchantment with beads in princess-inspired hues, from pastel pinks to royal purples, making every creation fit for royalty.
  •  Two Yarn Options: Choose between two high-quality yarns – an ideal selection for different bead threading techniques and styles.
  •  Charming Keepsake: Crafted necklaces serve as not only beautiful accessories but also cherished keepsakes from a magical crafting experience.
  •  Interactive and Educational: Enhances creativity, fine motor skills, and color recognition while encouraging imaginative play.
  •  Ideal for Princess Theme Parties: Elevate the princess-themed celebration with a hands-on and enjoyable activity that doubles as a delightful party favor. Perfect addition to our party bag contains enough beads and charms to make necklace or bracelet.


  •  Cognitive Development: Boosts cognitive skills through pattern recognition, color coordination, and imaginative design.
  •  Creative Expression: Fosters self-expression as little princesses bring their unique visions to life through bead arrangement.
  •  Party Entertainment: Keeps young royalty engaged during the party with a fun and rewarding crafting experience.
  •  Satisfaction and Pride: Completing a beautiful necklace instills a sense of accomplishment and pride in young creators.

Note: Price is for 1 and chosen at random if multiple designs available.




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