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Unicorn Paper Clip-Pre Filled Paper Party Bag

  • Dhs. 25.00

Transform your celebration into a magical realm with our Pre-Filled Unicorn Paper Party Bag, designed exclusively for girls aged 3 and above. Dive into the enchanting features and benefits that make this party bag a whimsical addition to any unicorn-themed extravaganza:


  • Unicorn-Adorned Pink Bag: Capture the essence of unicorn magic with our pink paper bag featuring a charming unicorn clip, adding a touch of sparkle to your celebration.
  • Unicorn Squishy: Delight in the tactile joy of a unicorn squishy, providing a stress-relieving and entertaining experience for young partygoers.
  • Wooden Bracelet: Encourage creativity with a delightful wooden bracelet craft, featuring a mix of colors and designs, allowing girls to showcase their unique style.
  • Glitter Jet Ball: Add an element of sparkle with a glitter jet ball, offering high-bounce fun and contributing to the magical atmosphere.
  • Unicorn Tattoo: Let imaginations run wild with unicorn-themed temporary tattoos, allowing girls to adorn themselves with whimsical designs.

Note: Price is for 1 set and Our filled paper bags come flat packed to avoid damage during delivery.



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