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Under The Sea- Pre Filled Printed Fabric Party Bag

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Make a splash at your under the sea-themed party with our Pre-Filled Under the Sea Printed Fabric Bag, perfect for boys and girls aged 3 and up. This charming fabric bag is adorned with captivating under the sea prints and is filled with treasures that will transport the young adventurers to an aquatic wonderland. Let's explore the exciting features and benefits:


  • Under the Sea-Themed Fabric Bag: Immerse the little ones in the magic of the ocean with a fabric bag adorned with delightful under the sea prints, setting the stage for an aquatic adventure.
  • Washable Fabric: Practical and convenient, the washable fabric bag ensures it stays pristine for more undersea escapades, even after the party.
  • Sea Life Tattoo: Let the young explorers adorn themselves with temporary sea life tattoos, adding a touch of oceanic flair to the party.
  • Wooden Sea Life Puzzle: Encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills with a wooden sea life puzzle, providing a fun and educational activity for the young party attendees.
  • Sea Life Bubbles: Transform the celebration into a bubbly oceanic paradise with sea life-themed bubble bottles, adding a playful touch to the party.
  • Ideal for Ages 3 and Up: Tailored for boys and girls aged 3 and above, this pre-filled fabric bag promises age-appropriate and delightful under the sea-themed entertainment.

Note: All our fabric bags come ready filled with star tags.



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