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Space- Pre Filled Printed Fabric Party Bag

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Turn your space-themed celebration into an interstellar adventure with our Pre-Filled Space-Printed Fabric Bag, perfect for boys and girls aged 3 and up. Packed with cosmic goodies, this fabric bag promises an out-of-this-world experience. Let's explore the stellar features and benefits that make this party favor a must-have:


  • Space-Themed Fabric Bag: The fabric bag is adorned with captivating space prints, setting the stage for an enchanting journey into the cosmos.
  • Washable Fabric: Practical and convenient, the washable fabric bag ensures it stays fresh for more cosmic adventures, even after the party.
  • Space Tattoo: Little astronauts can showcase their cosmic style with temporary space tattoos, adding an extra touch of celestial flair to the celebration.
  • Space Squishy: Delightful and squeezable, the space-themed squishy provides sensory fun, making it a stellar addition to the pre-filled fabric bag.
  • Space Pen: Spark creativity and exploration with a space pen, perfect for doodling and jotting down notes during the party and beyond.
  • Dominoes: Encourage strategic play and social interaction with a set of space-themed dominoes, adding an element of fun and challenge to the celebration.
  • Ideal for Ages 3 and Up: Tailored for both boys and girls aged 3 and above, this pre-filled fabric bag promises age-appropriate and delightful space-themed entertainment.

Note: All our fabric bags come ready filled with star tags.



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