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Sea Life Scratch Art Card

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Explore the wonders of the ocean with our Sea Life Scratch Art Cards, perfect for boys and girls aged 3 and above. Unlock the mysteries of marine life as vibrant sea creatures and underwater scenes emerge with each stroke of the wood pen, turning artistic expression into an ocean-inspired adventure.


  • Diverse Sea Life Designs: Each card showcases a captivating array of sea life designs, allowing young imaginations to embark on a journey into the depths of the ocean.
  • Creative Color Scratch Painting: Ignite creativity by scratching off the black coating to reveal a vibrant spectrum of colors underneath, enabling young artists to create their own unique sea life masterpieces.
  • Wood Pen Included: The set includes a high-quality wood pen, ensuring a smooth and precise scratching experience for detailed and visually stunning results.
  • Perfect Size for Ocean Exploration: Measuring 5.9x7.5cm, these cards are compact and portable, enabling young explorers to create underwater-themed art anytime, anywhere.
  •  deal for Sea Life Parties: Elevate the excitement of sea life-themed parties with these scratch art cards, providing a creative and entertaining activity for little ocean adventurers.
  • 9 Pages of Oceanic Fun: The set comprises 9 scratch art cards, offering ample pages for imaginative exploration and artistic enjoyment.Perfect addition for our party bag.


  • Encourages Artistic Expression: The creative color scratch painting process inspires young artists to express themselves and create personalized sea life-themed art.
  • Builds Fine Motor Skills: Scratching off the coating with the wood pen promotes the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in an enjoyable and engaging manner.
  • Unique Party Activity: Perfect for sea life-themed parties, these scratch art cards serve as a unique and enjoyable activity that adds a touch of oceanic fun to celebrations.
  • Mess-Free Creativity: Unlike traditional painting, scratch art is mess-free and offers a tidy and convenient way for children to explore their artistic talents.
  • Creates Lasting Memories: The vibrant and personalized sea life art created on these cards becomes a cherished keepsake, capturing the excitement of childhood creativity.

Note: Price is for 1 and chosen at random if multiple designs available.



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