Sea Life  Ceramic Painting Kit - Little Party Stop

Sea Life Ceramic Painting Kit

  • Dhs. 15.00

Embark on an undersea exploration at your sea life-themed party with our Sea Life Ceramic Kit. Crafted with exciting features and engaging benefits, this creative experience promises endless fun for boys and girls aged 3 and above.


  • Sea Life Splendor: Each ceramic piece boasts captivating sea life designs, transforming your child's crafting session into an imaginative journey beneath the waves.
  • Vibrant Painting Palette: The kit includes three lively colors of paint, allowing young artists to infuse their sea creatures with vivid, ocean-inspired hues.
  • Child-Friendly Brush: A specially designed small brush is included, ensuring easy handling for little hands to add intricate details to their undersea masterpieces.
  • Perfectly Sized Pieces: Tailored for young artists, the ceramic pieces are sized just right, promoting comfortable handling during the painting process.Perfect addition to our party bag.


  • Imaginative Exploration: Encourages imaginative play and creativity, providing a unique opportunity for children to envision and create their own vibrant sea life universe.
  • Unforgettable Party Activity: Elevates the sea life theme party experience by offering an engaging and memorable craft activity, allowing children to take home their ocean-inspired creations.
  • Fine Motor Skills Development: The painting process enhances fine motor skills and coordination, offering a combination of educational and entertaining benefits.
  • Oceanic Party Favors: Turn completed ceramic pieces into charming party favors, ensuring that each guest departs with a piece of the enchanting undersea celebration.

         Note: Price is for 1 kit.



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