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Pirate- Pre Filled Printed Fabric Party Bag

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Transform your celebration into a pirate's paradise with our Pre-Filled Pirate Printed Fabric Bag, specially designed for boys and girls aged 3 and up. This captivating fabric bag is adorned with pirate prints, setting the stage for a high-seas adventure. Let's uncover the exciting features and benefits:


  • Pirate-Themed Fabric Bag: Set sail on a pirate adventure with a fabric bag featuring bold pirate prints, igniting the imagination and creating an atmosphere of seafaring excitement.
  • Washable Fabric: Keep the fun going without worries about mess – the washable fabric bag ensures easy cleanup, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor pirate-themed parties.
  • Pirate Scratch Card: Unleash creativity with pirate scratch cards, allowing young buccaneers to reveal hidden colors and patterns, adding an artistic twist to the festivities.
  • Pirate Bubbles: Watch the seas come alive with pirate-shaped bubbles, providing endless entertainment as kids chase and pop bubbles during the celebration.
  • Pirate Whistle: Complete the pirate ensemble with a pirate whistle, letting young adventurers announce their pirate presence with every toot.
  • Shark Mini Bricks: Dive into building fun with shark mini bricks, fostering creativity and imaginative play as kids construct their very own pirate-themed structures.
  • Ideal for Ages 3 and Up: Tailored for both boys and girls aged 3 and above, this pre-filled fabric bag promises age-appropriate and thrilling pirate-themed entertainment.

Note: All our fabric bag come ready filled with star tags.



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