Insects Filler Kit - Little Party Stop

Insects Filler Kit

  • Dhs. 15.00

Bag Options: Choose between a fabric bag or a paper bag, and we'll ensure it perfectly matches the insect theme. Whether it's the soft touch of fabric or the classic feel of paper, we've got your party favor packaging covered.


  • Frog Bubbles: Dive into the world of amphibians with our frog-shaped bubbles. The Frog Bubbles in the Insects Filler Kit add a playful and bubbly element to the party, delighting kids with every floating bubble.
  • Insects Tattoo: Let the little ones showcase their love for creepy-crawlies with fun and temporary insect tattoos. These vibrant tattoos bring the world of insects to life on their skin, adding an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.
  • Insects Mini Bricks: The kit includes mini bricks featuring insect designs, encouraging creativity and imagination. Kids can assemble their own insect-themed structures, adding an educational and engaging aspect to the party.


  • Adventure and Discovery: The Insects Filler Kit transforms your party into an adventurous exploration of the insect world, fostering a sense of discovery and curiosity among the young party-goers.
  • Engaging Entertainment: The combination of frog bubbles, insect tattoos, and mini bricks provides entertainment aligned with the theme, keeping kids engaged throughout the celebration.

Note: Price is for 1 kit and chosen random if multiple designs available.



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