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Insects Fabric Party Bag

  • Dhs. 9.00

Elevate your party to new heights with our Insects Printed Fabric Party Bag, designed to delight both boys and girls. This charming party bag not only adds a touch of nature's wonders to your festivities but also provides a reusable and washable solution for insect-themed parties.


  • Whimsical Insect Print: The fabric party bag is adorned with whimsical insect prints, creating an atmosphere buzzing with excitement and curiosity.
  • Generous Size: Measuring 22x18.5cm, this party bag offers ample space for party favors, treats, and small gifts, making it a versatile and practical accessory for insect-themed celebrations.
  • Washable Fabric: Crafted from washable fabric, this party bag offers an eco-friendly and reusable solution, ensuring easy cleanup and repeated use.
  • Unisex Design: Suitable for both boys and girls, the insect-themed print appeals to a broad range of young nature enthusiasts.
  • Ideal for Insect Parties: Tailored for insect-themed parties, the Insects Printed Fabric Party Bag serves as a whimsical and thematic party accessory.


  • Encourages Nature Exploration: The whimsical insect print sparks curiosity and encourages young ones to explore the wonders of the natural world.
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly: Crafted from washable fabric, this party bag provides an eco-friendly alternative to single-use bags, contributing to a sustainable party experience.
  • Perfect Party Favor: Beyond its functionality, the Insects Printed Fabric Party Bag makes for a memorable and educational party favor for insect-themed celebrations.

Note: Price is for 1 bag and chosen random if multiple designs available.



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