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Glitter Dinosaur- Pre Filled Fabric Party Bag

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Prepare for a roar-some celebration with our Pre-Filled Dinosaur Printed Fabric Party Bag, thoughtfully curated for boys aged 3 and above. Packed with dino-mite features and benefits, this bag ensures a prehistoric party experience:


  • Washable Blue Fabric Bag with Dinosaur Print: Set the stage for a dino-themed extravaganza with a reusable and washable blue fabric bag adorned with fierce and friendly  glitter dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur Notebook: Encourage creativity with a dinosaur-themed notebook, perfect for capturing imaginative tales and dino-inspired doodles.
  • Dinosaur Ceramic Kit: Unleash artistic adventures with a dinosaur ceramic kit, allowing little ones to paint and personalize their very own prehistoric creations.
  • Dinosaur Tattoo: Transform into ferocious dinosaurs with dinosaur tattoos, adding a touch of dino magic to every young partygoer.
  • Dinosaur Pen: Extend the dino fun beyond the celebration with a dinosaur pen, ideal for school, drawing, or jotting down prehistoric thoughts.

Note: All our fabric bags come ready filled with star tags.



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