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Gaming- Pre Filled Printed Fabric Party Bag

  • Dhs. 40.00

Get ready for a gaming extravaganza with our Pre-Filled Gaming Printed Fabric Bag, tailored for boys and girls aged 3 and up. This vibrant fabric bag sets the stage for an epic gaming-themed party. Let's dive into the thrilling features and benefits:


  • Gaming-Themed Fabric Bag: Immerse the party in the world of gaming with a fabric bag adorned with dynamic gaming prints, creating an exciting atmosphere for all attendees.
  • Washable Fabric: Keep the gaming excitement going without the worry of mess – the washable fabric bag ensures easy cleanup, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor gaming-themed parties.
  • Gaming Notebook: Fuel creativity and jot down gaming strategies in a dedicated gaming notebook, providing a space for doodles, sketches, and gaming notes.
  • Metal Puzzle: Challenge young minds with a metal puzzle, promoting problem-solving skills and strategic thinking while adding an extra element of gaming fun.
  • Gaming Tattoo: Show off the gaming spirit with temporary gaming tattoos, allowing party-goers to sport their favorite gaming symbols with pride.
  • Warheads and Sour Punk Candy: Amp up the sweetness with a mix of Warheads and Sour Punk Candy, delivering a burst of sour flavors that add a delightful twist to the gaming celebration.
  • Ideal for Ages 3 and Up: Tailored for both boys and girls aged 3 and above, this pre-filled fabric bag promises age-appropriate and thrilling gaming-themed entertainment.

Note: All our fabric bags come ready filled with star tags.



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