Eid Gift- Unisex

Eid Gift- Unisex

  • Dhs. 40.00

Make Eid festivities even more special with our meticulously curated Eid Gift Pre-filled Fabric Bag, suitable for boys and girls aged 3 and above. Crafted to enhance the spirit of celebration.Measuring 20cm x 22cm, our fabric bag is perfectly sized to hold the delightful treats and surprises inside, adding to the excitement of unwrapping and discovering what's inside.


  • Thoughtfully Curated Contents: Our Eid Gift Bag is filled with carefully selected items, including sweets, a wooden labyrinth puzzle, and a scratch card, designed to bring joy and excitement to Eid celebrations.
  • Off-White Drawstring Fabric Bag: The bag itself is a charming addition to the gift, featuring an off-white color and a convenient drawstring closure. Adorned with a star tag, it adds an elegant touch to the presentation.
  • Suitable for Boys and Girls: With universal appeal, this gift bag is suitable for both boys and girls, making it versatile for gifting to all the little ones celebrating Eid.


  • Enhanced Celebration: Elevate your Eid festivities with this thoughtfully curated gift bag, designed to add an extra layer of excitement and joy to the occasion.
  • Engaging Entertainment: The included wooden labyrinth puzzle and scratch card offer hours of entertainment and fun, encouraging cognitive development and creativity.
  • Convenient and Versatile: Our pre-filled fabric bag provides a hassle-free gifting solution, saving you time and effort while ensuring a memorable Eid celebration for the recipients.

Note: All our fabric bags come ready filled with star tag.





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