Eid Gift Bag Girls

Eid Gift Bag Girls

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Introducing our Pre-Filled Personalized Fabric Eid Gift Bag for Girls: A charming surprise awaits! Each bag is meticulously filled with curated treasures, tailored for celebrating Eid in style. With a touch of personalization, our pre-filled bags bring delight and excitement to young girls on this special occasion. Simplify your Eid gifting with our ready-to-give fabric bags, designed to make every girl's celebration uniquely memorable.


  • Thoughtfully Curated Contents: Our Eid Gift Bag for girls is packed with exciting items, including play dough, bubbles, mini bricks, and a tattoo, promising hours of creative play and enjoyment.
  • Pink Drawstring Fabric Bag: This charming bag adds a touch of elegance with its soft pink fabric bag and convenient drawstring closure. Adorned with a delightful star tag, it enhances the gifting experience with its whimsical charm.
  • Perfect for Girls: From the vibrant contents to the feminine bag design, every aspect of this gift bag is tailored to delight and inspire young girls, making it the perfect Eid surprise.


  • Encourage Creativity: Stimulate imagination and artistic expression with the included play dough, providing endless opportunities for sculpting and crafting.
  • Bubble Fun: The bubbles offer exciting outdoor play, encouraging active engagement and sensory exploration while adding joy to the celebration.
  • Building Adventures: The mini bricks inspire construction and imaginative play, fostering problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning in young minds.
  • Temporary Tattoo: The tattoo adds a touch of glamour and fun, allowing girls to express their unique style and creativity during Eid festivities.
  • Bag Dimensions: Measuring 20cm x 22cm, our fabric bag is perfectly sized to hold the delightful surprises inside, adding to the excitement of unwrapping and discovering the treasures within.

    Note: All our fabric bags come ready filled with star tag.




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