Easter Pre Filled Printed  Fabric Bag

Easter Pre Filled Printed Fabric Bag

  • Dhs. 40.00

Make this Easter memorable with our delightful Easter Pre-Filled Fabric Bag, specially curated for kids aged 3 and above. Bursting with fun and excitement, this charming drawstring bag is the perfect Easter gift, complete with entertaining surprises to delight young hearts.


  • Easter-Themed Design: Our fabric bag features a classic off-white fabric bag adorned with star tags, adding a touch of seasonal charm to your Easter celebrations.
  • Convenient Size: Measuring 20cm x 22cm, our fabric bag offers ample space to hold an exciting array of Easter surprises while remaining compact enough for little hands to carry.
  • Durable Fabric: Crafted from high-quality fabric and equipped with a sturdy drawstring closure, our bag ensures that Easter gifts remain securely tucked away until it's time to reveal the fun inside.
  • Exciting Contents: Inside the bag, kids will discover a treasure trove of Easter gifts, including a captivating gem dig , tattoos for creative fun, a squishy toy for sensory play, and play dough for imaginative adventures.


  • Ready-to-Gift: Our pre-filled fabric bag saves you time and effort by offering a hassle-free Easter gifting solution that's ready to delight from the moment it's received.
  • Entertainment: Each item inside the bag provides hours of entertainment, sparking imagination, creativity, and sensory exploration for children.
  • Educational Value: The gem dig activity fosters curiosity and discovery, while the tattoos encourage artistic expression and the play dough promotes tactile learning.
  • Reusable: Once the Easter gifts have been enjoyed, the durable fabric bag can be repurposed for future adventures or celebrations, reducing waste and offering long-lasting value.

    Note: Price is for 1 pre filled bag and all our fabric bags come ready filled with star tags



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