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Dinosaur Treat Box

  • Dhs. 12.00

Planning an epic dinosaur-themed bash for your little explorers? Our Dinosaur Treat Box is the perfect addition to your party, designed with boys aged 3 and above in mind. Packed with features, benefits, this treat box ensures your dino-themed celebration is a roaring success!


  • Dino-Mite Design: Capture the imagination of young paleontologists with our treat box adorned with fierce and friendly dinosaur illustrations, setting the stage for a prehistoric adventure.
  • Assorted Sweet Gummies: Excite the taste buds of your little adventurers with a mix of delicious gummy sweets, carefully curated to provide a flavorful and thrilling experience.
  • Compact Dimensions: The perfect size at 8x4.1x4.1 cm, our Dinosaur Treat Box holds an array of treats while maintaining a compact and delightful appearance.


  • Exciting Party Favors: Elevate the party excitement by presenting each little guest with a Dinosaur Treat Box filled with a thrilling assortment of sweet surprises.
  • Safe and Age-Appropriate: Crafted with children aged 3 and above in mind, the treats inside the box are not only delicious but also safe for budding paleontologists.
  • Memorable Keepsake: The sturdy design of the treat box makes it a fantastic keepsake, allowing children to remember the roaring good time they had at the dino party.Perfect gift by itself or addition to our party bag.

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