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Dinosaur Filler Kit

  • Dhs. 15.00

Embark on a prehistoric journey at your dinosaur-themed party with our Dinosaur Filler Kit, tailored for the spirited explorers aged 3 and above. This kit promises to bring the fascinating world of dinosaurs to life at your celebration.

Bag Options: Choose between a fabric bag or a paper bag, and we'll ensure it perfectly complements the dinosaur theme. Whether it's the rugged feel of fabric or the classic touch of paper, our bags are designed to match the adventurous spirit of your celebration.


  • Dinosaur Pen: Unleash the power of creativity with our captivating Dinosaur Pen. Its fun design encourages young explorers to document their dino discoveries and jot down their imaginative stories.
  • Dinosaur Tattoo: Transform party-goers into temporary dino enthusiasts with our vibrant Dinosaur Tattoos. Featuring various dinosaur species, these tattoos add a touch of roaring fun to the celebration.
  • Dinosaur Mini Bricks: Let the adventure unfold with a DIY dinosaur excavation activity. The Dinosaur Mini Bricks provide an engaging hands-on experience, allowing kids to discover and assemble their mini dinosaur figurines.


  • Exciting Exploration: The Dinosaur Filler Kit turns your party into a thrilling dinosaur expedition, captivating young minds with the excitement of discovery and adventure.
  • Creative Expression: From storytelling with the Dinosaur Pen to hands-on exploration with the mini bricks, the kit encourages creative expression and imaginative play among young party attendees.

Note: Price is for 1 kit and chosen random if multiple designs available.



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