Animal Ceramic Painting Kit - Little Party Stop

Animal Ceramic Painting Kit

  • Dhs. 15.00

Bring the animal kingdom to life at your next themed party with our Animal Ceramic Kit. Packed with exciting features and developmental benefits, this creative adventure is perfect for boys and girls aged 3 and above.


  • Animal Kingdom Magic: Each ceramic piece showcases enchanting animal designs, providing a canvas for young artists to express their creativity with jungle-inspired motifs.
  • Vibrant Painting Palette: The kit includes three lively colors of paint, allowing kids to add a burst of color to their favorite animals and personalize their creations.
  • Child-Friendly Brush: Crafted with little hands in mind, the small brush included ensures easy handling, making the painting process a joy for young artists.
  • Variety of Creatures: From roaring lions to playful monkeys, the kit offers a diverse selection of animals, sparking interest and creativity in every child.Perfect addition to our party bag.


  • Imaginative Play: Fosters imaginative play by allowing kids to bring their favorite animals to life through their unique artistic expressions.
  • Engaging Party Activity: Elevates the animal-themed party experience with a hands-on craft activity, providing both entertainment and an opportunity for kids to take home their artistic masterpieces.
  • Fine Motor Skills Development: Enhances fine motor skills and coordination through the painting process, making it an educational and enjoyable experience.
  • Adorable Party Favors: Completed ceramic pieces can be transformed into charming party favors, ensuring each young guest leaves with a piece of the wild celebration.

        Note: Price is for 1 kit.



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